Monday, January 31, 2011

those pants

my sewing machine broke, but I finished these anyway! (by hand...) I have been making these for a while, got inspired by Amanda Soule and her first book...and then I found this tutorial on is so easy, I mean if I can do it anybody can! And we have so many 5k shirts .....if I mess up I just get another one from the stash haha!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pixie hat

well, I just knew it was going to happen....I wish there was a device that could record my thoughts right before I fall asleep every night, it would make for good reading, when I write what I was thinking about or at least what I remember of it, somehow it doesn't sound so impressive anymore.....anyways, promise is a promise and so here we go:
How I made my son's Pixie hat:
I used Knitpicks sport weight comfy yarn in grass, the top is green apple (I had to use the second yarn in different color because I ran out of the "grass" and didn't have second "ball" if you want your hat to be only one color, please buy two), DPN size 4 (I believe ..I only have one size..two sets)
anyways here it goes:
for size 2t (very generous, my boy has a very big head, his 5 year old sister also fits the hat very comfortably) use 5 dpn CO 96 stitches (24 on each of the four needles..the fifth is for working), join to knit in the round, be careful not to twist your knitting....(place marker so you know where the round begins) knit all stitches until hats measures 5 inches, now we are going to decrease: next row, knit 10 stitches then either SSK or K2tog ( matter of preference I guess, I slipped slipped and knitted), repeat to the end of the round, knit 5 rows, next row knit 9 stitches SSK repeat till the end of the round, knit 5 rows, next decrease is knit 8 stitches SSK till the end of the round etc, you get the point, always 5 rows in between decreases, always knit one less then the previous decrease then SSK, until you have only two stitches left on each needle,....cut the yarn, put it on a needle....on you go through the remaining stitches, pull tightly, and weave the end and you are done, super easy....
Please let me know if it makes sense and of course don't hesitate to ask any questions, thanks!

update: went for vacation to states, bought some more needles and now I must say I do believe the dpn I used for my pixie hat are size 4! sorry about that!

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