Friday, November 4, 2011

challenge check in 1

well, first of the month came and went (on Guam that is huuuuge, food stamps is a way of life out here) so I have returned to my grocery shopping. I have decided to go more often to stake out the "reduced for quick resale" section and also to avoid spoilage...esp. with produce that somehow rots super fast here. So far so good (even though I had no luck with the reduced items both of my shopping trips)! the rule is: either I really really need it or it's on awesome sale! I don't have my receipts here, so I will come back with actual numbers, for now I am rounding it to 60 Dollars....
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grocery challenge

inspired by blog Beauty that moves I have decided join the challenge. I am going for 600 Dollars as cost of food on Guam is high! I will post you soon on how it's going!
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