Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I wouldn't dare to say pattern, let's call it instruction...

so I was happily knitting one of many wash clothes out of my favorite yarn (Lily's sugar n' cream, oh how I love that yarn!) when my daughter came to me with request for Sally's dress (Sally is this wonderful 12 inch Waldorf doll from Apple tree house), I was half way done with my washcloth so instead of finishing it, I turned it into a dress...and here is how:
with DPN CO 48 st
k2 p2 till end for about 4 rows
knit 5 inches or until you almost reach your doll's "bellybutton" (pretend one)
k2p2 till end for about 4 rows
knit 20 st. cast off the rest
using 2 dpn knit one row, purl one row...until you reach your doll's neck (in my case 2.5 inches)
put first 3 stitches on scrap yarn or safety pin cast off all stitches except the last 3 those you are going to need to knit in I-cord for about 7 inches
then pick up the other 3 stitches and do the same...then do whatever you do when you are finish knitting, I use needle to weave the ends....and that's it! easy right!?
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