Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guam and recycling

I grew up in the Czech republic, recycling was never on our mind and yet we did it all the time! There is a deposit on bottles, so when you return them, you get your money back, we sort our paper into piles....newspaper, magazines and other and every apartment building or a block has containers for plastic, color glass and white glass. So super easy, even for lazy people and very convenient! But here on Guam? Recycling takes lot of effort and it is real pain in a butt and yet, they have a major problem with the dump , I mean real problem (it's way to full and they cannot decide about the new one...some sort of legal issue and whatnot..) that could be at least partly solved by recycling. I am one of few people I know who recycle at all and I have to go to different recycling centers to do it and some things I don't even know where to take, so they are just piling up in our small (and I really mean small) apartment! So that is my problem with all the paper my daughter uses for drawing and writing you see! She learnt to use both sides but still how many of her pretty drawings can I keep!? So my small change challenge for this months is to figure out how to deal with this! Any suggestions?

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