Wednesday, February 10, 2010

lunch with my girls

yesterday we went to have a lunch with friends in our new favorite coffee shop with beautiful view, the sound of the ocean was so calming I had a hard time getting up and leaving, everybody does, at least I think! If you have never had a coffee by the sea you should try it the first chance you get! After lunch we had to go take our recycling (cans, plastic bottles and carboard only....still don't know where to take glass jars and paper....) to Harmon, task I really don't like but do every month, so our apartment's recycling area is little empty for about two days and that is nice esp. since it's right underneath the A/C which decided to start leaking yesterday (again!) so now we are sitting here and waiting for Mr. Lee to come and look at it. Also over the weekend I read that GTA is recycling their phone books, so I should go and look for them, another thing out of here will make me happy! My goal is to reduce and organize our junk, slowly but surely......
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