Tuesday, February 2, 2010

small change

both kids asleep! I could be cleaning or make myself a peanut butter sandwich and make another blog post....this one is about small change from Hip mountain mama. My Eco-friendly idea might not be so Eco-friendly, but I will post it anyway and see what will happen. So, in our school in bed (AKA home school) we have been working on numbers and letters lately and I have been printing and cutting letter card for my daughter to create words and practice letters, but we always misplace them somehow and I have to print more and I think that is very wasteful! yesterday I got an idea! For our letter recognition and word creation we use a paint program from our computer! yay! My daughter loves typing the letters and no more paper and ink wasted! I know I know we are using computer so the power is ON ...so is that Eco-friendly or not! What do you think?

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