Tuesday, August 30, 2011

not the only one

I am feeling little better about my baby going to school now, but it is not perfect....this morning I went over to Never not knitting to see what she was working on and I found this post, seems like I am not the only one having hard time! Now I know that misery loves company, but I am  glad to read that because I was thinking maybe there was something wrong with me....to by crying like that! Maybe I can try knitting apple as well, to see if it helps me any,  I need to start knitting again, this moping around is terrible!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

another one

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perfect gift

it was my daughter's birthday (right before she started school) and we gave her a perfect gift...waterproof camera! She has been taking it everywhere with her and snapping pictures like a maniac, this one is one of them!
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it has been really hard last week or so...my daughter has started school and I have been a crybaby about it! I have tried to fill the void with some craft, but I am not feeling anything..as a matter of fact I am very grumpy and forcing myself knitting just makes things worse. So I am taking break from everything and just sort of breathing these days! But I do have couple of projects that I have started before all this mess and as soon as I feel like crafting I will finish them (I hope) and then show them off, so you guys can maybe make them too.........but for now, I will go cry my eyes out in the bathroom, because my baby girl has grown up and became so independent......silly, I know!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I love Guam hat

have you seen this hat on Ravelry?! I made it, designed it and posted it! very pleased with it!
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